Measuring Distance for VFR Ded Reckoning

Very impressed with the new VFR charts. I decided to go back to my early days of pilot training and duplicate some basic flights devoid of any GPS or navaids. Just Mark 1 eyeball, compass, watch, Kane E6B “prayer wheel” and a steady heading. The only problem is whilst I can deduce my time and heading it is difficult to measure distance especially when you are zooming in and out on the map to include a pair of nav fixes. What would be great is a ruler similar to Google Earth where you can get your nautical miles and even track with a couple of clicks. Has anyone found a good way to do this?


72 yr old Peter



Yes a bearing and distance ruler is planned and will come in a future update!




Has this been added yet, or is it just me who can’t find it? :grinning:

Hi, any update on the plotter/ruler? It would be definitely a game changer!


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I’ll add my wish for a bearing/distance plotter.

Any news, please? :blush:

Can we get some news from the Navigraph team, please? :blush:


According to our current plans, this is scheduled to begin development in Q3 2023, however keep in mind these plans are fluid and can change depending on other priorities.


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Thanks for the update.
At least we have an idea now.
Sadly it’s quite a while out into the future for a feature that is really useful for VFR.

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