FBW 320NX Missing LEBL STAR issue


I fly the development version of the FBW320 and since I updated Navigraph Airac to the latest version all of a sudden there are no more STAR’s in the FMS. I never had this issue before and was wondering if something went wrong updating the AIRAC or if it’s an FBW issue


Hi Ronald,
you mean, you can´t select STARs, regardless of the arrival airport? Or do you mean a specific airport, where you have no STARs, SIDs and Approaches available?

IMPORTANT! Please confirm, that you are using the latest Navigraph Navdata Center (v1.0.7) .

I would try following:

  • close the sim
  • start the the Navigraph Navdata Center
  • remove the AIRAC and install it immediately
  • close the Navigraph Navdata Center
  • start the sim and try it again


Using the latest AIRAC (2203 rev 1)
tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times in Navdata Center
The problem I have is that the FMS does not show STAR’s. I am flying to LEBL Airport, selecting the arrival rwy does not show any STAR’s available when there should be. None of the arrival RWY’s so it seems there are no STAR’s at all for LEBL in the FMS

So, again the question:
Have you general no STARs (regardless which airport you select) or only at LEBL?

Because LEBL is clear when you use the default stock MSFS scenery, because the MSFS scenery is outdated and contains the wrong runways. There are several threads here in the forum, as although in the MSFS forum.

From our forum:

From the MSFS forum:


Having a very similar issue at KORD; there are no STARS in the world map or when I attempt to program via MCDU

It´s the same - check the runways against the real-world charts. When a terminal procedure can´t be assigned to a runway, the sim disable all STARs. That´s a sim logic and has nothing todo with us or our data. The LEBL example is a good one, because here you see that the stock navdata data shows also no STARs …

Sorry, you have only two possibilities:

  1. wait till ASOBO/MS fix this (mean offer the correct/real world runway idents or add missing runways)
  2. or use any 3rd party addon scenery

Also for KORD are a lot of postings here in the forum (as an example):


Well, I saw the LEBL posts but I am not using default LEBL airport, I use the LVFR paywayre version of the airport…
Selecting another airport as destiantion does show STAR’s I just noticed


Hi again Ronald

The latest version? Because LVFR has released a new version (v1.1.0 I guess) with the correct runway idents in the same time as the AIRAC was released (at least for the webshop version - not sure, if the Marketplace version is still updated because this is a nightmare for all scenery developer). Have you bought in via webshop or via the Marketplace?

With this version, all terminal procedures are available and selectable - also in the FBW (using latest dev version here):


My version is older indeed, perhaps update is not yet available for marketplace…
thanks for pointing that out and the quick response. Guess I have to wait for MP update then :frowning:

Just checked their forum:
For the marketplace we expect and hope to have it by this coming Thursday 31st of March.

You can simple check it - compare the runway idents in the MSFS WorldMap:

The old version had 07L/R pr 25L/R (no STARs available) … the new version has 06L/R and 24L/R (STARs available).

… but I have looked into the Marketplace now … it seems, it´s really the first version and therefore the old runway-idents. In this case, yes … sit back, relax and wait till ASOBO has updated the Marketplace. I know from the LVFR guys, that they still had fixed it also for the Marketplace version. So it “hangs” in the ASOBO loop … sorry for that.


yeah no problem, at least I know now what the the problem is so thanks again for the quick responses. I just edited my post. Their website mentioned a MP release hopefully march the 31th. Might tak a little longer perhaps, I’ll just wait !


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