No arrivals/STARS etc with v0.4.2 release of FBW A32NX

As the title states can’t select anything it’s all blank. Is this a FBW issue or MSFS or Navigraph?

Using cycle 2013 rev. 3


Hello Pete! Welcome to the new forum!

I am unable to answer as to what exactly is going on in your case, as I have not been able to reproduce the issue. Below is a screenshot of the MCDU in the FBW Airbus with the latest AIRAC installed. STARs show up just fine and I am able to select any of them.

Please make sure that everything is installed correctly. Do the STARs show up in the default MSFS Airbus?

Also, make sure that you install the data with the latest and greatest version of the Navigraph Navdata Client (Beta 17). There have been important changes to it that might very well solve the issue.

To install the latest version, please:

  1. Open the client and remove the currently installed dataset
  2. Uninstall the client
  3. Install the newest client (beta 17)
  4. Install the AIRAC cycle


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