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I have just installed AIRAC Cycle 2111 rev.1 in MSFS. If I want to go to LEPA, I noticed that, in the FMS (FBW), in F-PLN, when I click on LEPA and then ARRIVALS, the runways list is empty, there is nothing ! For instance, it is the only airport with the one I have the problem…

If I uninstall the AIRAC, the runways list reappears. Could you help me please ?

Thank you very much !



Hi Michael,
I have tried to reproduce your report. I have installed the lastest FBW A320 stable version (0.7.1) and I see and can select all approaches and STARs.

Here a screenshot with the latest AIRAC 2111:

Possible you use an outdated FBW version? Again, I have captured these screenshots with the lastest version 0.7.1.


Hi Richard,

Thank you VERY much for your fast answer ! :slight_smile:

I tried to do what you adviced me, and it works !

The worst is that I could see the depatures but not the arrivals ! It is wried…

Thanks again !


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