FBW 320 missing STARs (MSFS)

I know it’s been reported as I’ve seen on other forums, but I haven’t found a fix. STARs are missing on the CDU from KORD on the FBW320 on MSFS. If I uninstall Navigraph via the installer, and remove the “content.xml” file, the arrivals show up on the CDU as expected. I’ve tried the CJ4 and the same missing ARR data occurs.

Some of the responses I’ve seen for this issue is something about missing runway information causes MSFS to remove all departure and arrival procedures altogether, which I get. My question is, is there a workaround other than removing Navigraph? I would like to keep it intact if possible, but if it is missing important procedures, it is of little use to me.

the only solution is to use a 3rd party scenery which isn’t outdated and contains all runways with the correct runway idents - ie. the FSDT KORD scenery.

Sorry, but we have no influence on it. This bug exists since day one and it looks ASOBO/MS/WT has no interest to fix it.


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