FAQ - Simlink can have Problem with more than one version of P3D


Navigraph Simlink Plugin may not work if you have currently or previously had installed two or more version of P3D flight simulator, e.g. P3D V3, V4 and V5. This issue can occur even though the Plugin status shows correctly installed.

Cause of Issue

Navigraph Simlink Plugin library (DLL) was not correctly installed into P3D V4 or V5 Plugin folders which are located in system Documents folder:


Navigraph Simlink was not able to install correct version of Plugins in P3D Add-ons folder due to P3D V4 or V5 Add-ons “folders” actually being shortcuts to P3D V3 Add-ons folder.


To fix this issue :

  1. Open Navigraph Simlink Plugin Setting Window from Navigraph Simlink application.
  2. Uninstall all P3D version (V3/V4/V5) simulator plugins by click on “Uninstall Simlink” button.
  3. Delete shortcut file of Prepar3D v4/v5 Add-ons from system Document path.
  4. Now install Navigraph Simlink Plugin for P3D simulator by click on “Scan & Install” button from Navigraph Simlink Plugin Setting window of Simlink application.