Failed to create a route. Please try again later

There was an update few days ago for Navigraph charts App on PC. After the update I start to have a lot of issues when I am creating a flight plan. When i click on ( Autoroute ) most of the time I get this error:
"Failed to create a route. Please try again later. "

Could you please help?


Same issue. First time using navigraph, not a great start :frowning:

Hi Team,


In Navigraph Settings , please confirm you are running Navigraph Charts v8.16.0 build 3712066190

If not, please download and install from Navigraph Downloads.

Please advise which origin-destination pair is causing the error.

Do you have any proxy or VPN connections to the internet?

Try testing with antivirus disconnected.


I have Navigraph Charts v8.16.0 build 3712066190 installed and have been getting that message frequently. I just tried to do an autoroute between KSRQ and KLAL using low-level IFR and got it.

No VPN and only the built-in Microsoft Defender.

I get “Failed to construct a route.”

EDIT: Looks like maybe it’s caused by clicking AutoRoute when I have the departing runway selected.

I confirm the message when a departing runway is selected. For now please don’t select runways.

We are improving autoroute all the time, including more useful messages and point to point auto routing.

Compliments of the Season.


It is working now well. Yes. I need to click autoroute first before choosing the runway. Thank you for your help.


Yes the development team confirm:
This is a confirmed bug, which has been fixed but not yet deployed. For now the workaround is to autoroute before selecting runway, or select both runway and SID, and then autoroute. It will be fixed with the next update of all apps but that will likely be after Christmas.