Cannot create new flight in Navigraph Charts 8

When I try to create a new flight in Navigraph 8 the app will not load the origin or destination airports. I tried quitting and restarting the app and it then only displayed a blank map and the “Edit” button. When I click that it changes to Cancel but nothing else appears. Regardless of what buttons I push I cannot get the app to show “Create a new route”.

Steve Haines

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Same thing here. I don’t know what’s been happening.

See multiple threads re the server being down today.

Well thank you, can you please link a few so I can browse more?

I see that now. Dozens of them. Does anyone have an idea when it will be restored? Probably the answer is, “it will be restored when it’s restored.” :expressionless:

We are trying to collect the discussion regarding tonight’s technical issue here: Technical Difficulties Reported

Same here, it´s frustrating… :rage:

same here wont create new flights end off. Not good enough paid for it expect it to work

Since today, navigraph does not work anymore. I can’t synchronize simbrief and navigraph and navigraph charts refuses to make a flight plan. This is the first time that i see this. I was used to FS2020 bugs but not this problem. The subscription for 1 year is 90 euros…

For the latest information on resolving this issue, please see this thread: Technical Difficulties Reported