Extracion error

When trying to install the base package


Strange. We are investigating.



Hi dbarnea,

Can you please follow the instructions given here: Cant install the new AIRAC cycle into the simulator with the Navigraph nav data centre - #4 by m4rkus

But please report your progress in this thread :slight_smile:

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No, didn’t work for me. I don’t have a path in the error message like the other thread has. and I have permission to all the folders specified.

you can provide me a version with detailed log level to try.

Yes, I know that the error messages are different but it usually boils down to the same thing.
What happens is that 7zip is unable to extract the .7z file in %localappdata%/Temp/Navigraph/ into your Community-folder. This is in 99% of the cases because of incorrect permissions set on either the source or the target. It could also be an issue of low disk-space, but usually that is very unlikely :slight_smile:

You can try this custom version of the NNC which will give as much information as possible about the error in the messagebox:

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nope, same thing.

Just print the stack trace so I’ll supply it back to you.

Stack-trace will not help in this case as we already know
exactly where the code fails and the 7z library does not
provide more context than simply “ERROR” in this case.

It is something with your filesystem that makes the extraction fail.
Do you already have a navigraph-navdata folder in Community/ ?

Can you list the contents of your %localappdata%/Temp/Navigraph and Community/ folder including file permissions? You can send it in private to not expose personal details.

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I deleted all the content of this directory to start from scratch. I can see the 7z is being put there, but then the error.

I have even entitled everyone just for the sake of test, as you can see.

Okay, then everything looks normal in the temp folder. The app is able to save the file properly.
You can also verify this by check that the md5 hash of the file is E3296A358ACFDABB5B21E78EBA89C861.

Then the only thing that can stop the show is your Community/ folder. Things that can go wrong is if this folder (or parent folders) has restrictive file permissions, or if it already contains a navigraph-navdata folder that has restrictive permissions. I can’t see any other theoretical explanation to this issue :slight_smile:

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Well, problem solved :slight_smile:

My community folder had invalid symbolic links for navigraph folders, probably from an old installations I did.

Deleted them - all works fine.

I do have a suggestion to ease your debugging and trouble shoot for next time.

You know what you need to do (put zip file in the temp directory, then extract it to the community folders). I would add these things as pre-requisits before I start, just write a small dummy file to these places, if you cant do it - supply a clear error - can’t access . That’s it.

Much better then trying to execute the 7z with a command and they trying to figure out why it can’t do it.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support and help on this.

Yes, I will let the actual installer that has elevated rights make sure that all permissions are correctly set at installation time as well to avoid these problems altogether :slight_smile: Great that it works now!

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