Unable to install , Extraction Error

Please help

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I had the same issue, and I managed to install without any problems by taking ownership of the folder I am installing the addons to. If you are installing navdata, make sure you are the owner of the Community folder. If you have any third party aircraft that uses Navigraph data, make sure you are the owner of each of the aircraft’s folders. For example I have PMDG aircraft and the owner was Adminstrators, most likely because Operations Center created the folders. I changed the owner to myself in the Security settings.

If you get the error again, click remove, and then install again. It will reinstall from the archive downloaded to the LocalAppData folder.

Here are the instructions on how to take ownership of a file or folder: How to change ownership of files and folders in Windows 10 | TechRepublic

I hope this answer helps you in any way!

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