Question about exporting flight plans from Navigraph in different formats

  1. I am using SIMBRIEF with Navigraph Charts. I created a flight plan in SIMBRIEF and imported it into Navigraph Charts. I then modified it in Charts. When I exported it to .PLN format and tried to load it using Active Sky P3D it said that it could not be parsed.
  2. If I export a flight plan from SIMBRIEF in PLN format directly it will open with Active Sky.
  3. It looks like the Charts EXPORT function although allowing different formats for export, will not remember individually where those different exports are going to go when choosing among the different formats. For example I would like to create or modify a flight plan in Charts and then save it in PLN format to the correct P3D folder in order to open it in Active Sky so it can generate the most accurate weather. But I would also like to export the flight plan in PMDG format as well to use with my PMDG aircraft. But with Charts once you export a plan, it remembers the folder for sure but then all exports go to that folder in the future and that folder will be not be the correct one for the alternate format. Is this by design or a limitation of the program?



Hi Greg,

Please see my post at Plans files of navigraph - #2 by Ian. Does this resolve it for you?

The current Export save location is Charts wide and not format specific. We shall consider this as an enhancement for the next Charts version.


OK, Thanks. I think it would be nice enhancement.