ESSA Messed up SID ILS01L

Been flying to ESSA twice now.
Airbus A32N using the FlyByWire mod and Airac 2014 rev 3
As seen on the Navigraph charts - the SID looks just like it should while
in the airbus it makes some strange turn and want to go for the opposite runway?!

Cause of this?!

Hi Chris,
unfortunately, this is a well-known problem in the sim and has nothing todo with our data. This happens also with the NavBlue stock data. We had reported an equal issue to ASOBO with an example, in our case a STAR into EIDW but that happens on many, many STARs on different airports.

You can test it by your own - when you are on the worldmap and you select the ELTO2J STAR and let the approach part on automatic, it looks good and the a/c would follow the right path - you see also the correct waypoint sequence in the flightplan:

… but when you now, select ie. the ILS01L approach, you see the “strange” curve - and you see that the ARL-VOR was added in the flightplan:

The reason for that is simple - the ILS01L approach contains the ARL-transtion (for flight from north). This ARL-transition goes from ARL-VOR to D183E (= ARL183/5) and then in a race-track back to SA801 - FI01L (yellow marking):

The final-approach 01L goes from (blue marker):
SA801 - FI01L - RW01L

You see the SA801 is the connection point between the approach-transition and the final. The problem now is, that you can´t “de-select” the ARL-transition - nowhere and therefore this “strange” turn will always be added.

Sorry, this is currently a sim limitation and again, this could be happened on all STARs and IAPs, where you have at least one approach-transition, due the missing feature to select/de-select the possible approach-transition.

Hope that helps


Totally understand!

And at this point there´s no way of disabling Navblue data then so we can purely enjoy Navigraph data only in the “sim” ?!

Kinnda strange that this weird transitions shows up even though u select that u dont want it in the Airbus MCDU. I dont use the MSFS map´s flightplanner at all.All is loaded in directly from Simbrief to the MCDU.

Thanks Chris, I have one request to you … Can you upload the SimBrief flightplan please?

I assume in the flightplan, the STAR name will be used and therefore the sim “translate” this STAR into the more or less wrong waypoint sequence, due the approach transition what I have explained.

Therefore, when able please upload the flightplan and we can check this assumption :wink:

Thank you,


Here´s the OFP, uploaded to my g-drive

On the picture above on the MCDU - u can see that I selected NONE for Via/transition - even if I did that, it inserts the ARL transitions messing the path up.

My guess the only way of correcting this is to work out on how to disable Navblue database. I want to use Navigraph only - just like I did on P3D, never had an issue over on that sim.

Thanks Chris, but do you have the flight-plan file also somewhere or can you create it … I only want to check, how SimBrief exports the terminal procedures (in single waypoint groups or with only the procedure-name). Therefore, I would be good to have the file and not only a PDF :wink:

Sorry, for the additional effort … and the unclear instructions.

PS: by the way, I have checked this procedure in the NavBlue data and here the ARL transition is missing, therefore it looks more correct than our data. But we have a similar report here from EKCH, which describe exactly the same behavior and here the NavBlue data and our data are the same.

Oh, my bad!
Here´s the .pln file:

I gladly help out with anything u need!

Hi Chris,

Out of curiosity, did you try to use the WorkingTitle mod 0.9.1 and see what you get ? That mod has a total custom flightplan system, it does not relay on Asobo’s one


Thanks Chris - I will test the fp and will try to find out, what happened in the background. On the first view, I don´t see the approach - so this is good.

May I ask another question - I need this details sorry:
Can you explain the steps, what you have done after you have loaded the flightplan into the MCDU? Means, what steps in which order do you have inserted the ILS22L approach … :wink:


Excellent point … I have tested it before and here you see the ARL transiton - when you don´t select it, the path is correct. The reason is as you said: Working Title don´t use the engine to build the procedure paths from the sim - they had developed their own.


Great question! Im unfamiliar with the G1000/3000 so no, havent tried that :slight_smile:
If ure familiar with it, try ESSA. ELTO3J for ILS01L and see if it inserts a weird path both with and without ARL transition in.

I will make a video on my “workflow”, much easier to show the steps on a video.

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Oh that mod has a complete custom FMS similar to boeing and very similar to CRJ. E.g:

Oh! Then i´ll check it out and see what happens :smiley:

Hi again Chris,
here the CJ4 mod FMC - ESSA ELTO3J selected for ILS01L (no ARL transition selected - white):

and here on the ND:



So as I expected, the WT mod works perfectly fine due to their custom flight plan, isn’t?
Anyway, the FBW folks are working on adopting the WT flight plan into the FBW mod, hence soon we should see less of these messed up flight plans :smile: . Here is the link for the draf pull request in github feat: initial import of WorkingTitle flight plan manager by Benjozork · Pull Request #2831 · flybywiresim/a32nx · GitHub

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A dude over at FBW discord wrote this, but doesnt work when I try it… Not sure what I´m doing wrong and they stopped responding so Im stuck… I need a video or something showing how it´s supposed to be done.

Or just wait for the WT flightplan to be added in FBW mod :smiley:

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