SID ESSA 1L and 26r

It seems like the STAR for runway 1L and 26R have reverse approaches, this is not the case with default data only when having Navigraph AIRAC installed.

I have tried it with A320 and 787

what do you mean with “reverse approaches”?

ILS/LOC 01 goes from ARL VOR -> SA801 (= SSA D7.6):

Here the according charts to this approach:

SA801 = SSA D7.6

The same for ILS/LOC 26R (ARL VOR - ESA D7.5):

The procedure path is not really well designed but the procedure is correct so far, or do I misunderstand you somewhere?


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OK maybe I am misunderstanding this, it looks to me like it shows 19 L, the approach to 1L should be coming from the south to north not from the north to south?

I guess I dont understand the approach. The plane on autopilot, at least for me, steers the plane so that I come in facing runway 19R instead of 1L…maybe something else that is wrong on my end.

This is what it looks like from default AIRAC in MSFS:

And this is what it looks like with Navigraph installed:

Does the same for me! Making u fly past the runway hehe…
Had a stream today when this happended.

01L and ELTO3J SID… Should be ELTO2J but that one is missing in the navigraph data.

Which is correct, look on the chart what I have posted before.

Please forward us an official link (like AiP, notam, … or similar else), that we can forward this issue to our dataprovider. We have the ELTOK3J as the current/valid STAR in the charts and data.

I have also looked on the AIP Sweden, the same. No 2J available. So, when its wrong as you said, we must report this but we need any official reference.

Thanks for providing this and your help

ELTO2J is removed. That one showed up on Simbrief - error was that I had the old 1913 Airac.
ELTO2J does not show up in the Airbus in MSFS.

ELTO3J is wrong though, see my post regarding this:

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