This star is wrong in mcdu a320. Latest airac and beta. CH992 , CH991, CH889 is missing

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I am unsure as to what exactly you mean by “missing”. They are present in the data, but if you use the flight planner available in the MSFS world map view you’re sometimes going to get invalid results.

Please read this post: ESSA Messed up SID ILS01L - #2 by NAVData

Advise if you can confirm that the above is, in fact, not applicable to your situation.


I use simbrief and i upload my fpl via mcdu in a320. I don´t use the built in flight planner in msfs. i will send photos so I can show you.
Regards Mats

This is how it looks like. And it is dct upload from simbrief into mcdu. Never take your eyes from instruments while on an approach in msfs2020 :wink:

Hi Mats,
Richard here - Malte and I had a little discussion about your report and we have decided now, that I answer you - hope that´s ok.

General, Malte is correct when he forward you the ESSA-issue link because it´s exactly the same reason for your issue, and in your case it´s exactly what happened with the NavBlue stock data also.

But I will explain what happened here, and what is missing in the sim:
The ILS22L into Kastrup has also an approach transition via the KAS VOR. That means, when you select the STAR only, all looks good because the STAR “ends” at the final approach course fix CI22L.

Now, you add the specific approach ILS22L to your legs or on the worldmap (it doesn´t matter because the sim uses the same logic behind) and immediately, you see a different flightpath (worldmap or ND, again it doesn´t matter). The reason for that is, because you can´t select/de-select the KAS transtion. Therefore the sim removed a few go to the KAS VOR and proceed with the the approach-transtion and the final, which is showing on your last ND picture. So, you can´t de-select this approach-transition and that´s exactly the issue here.

Again, this has nothing todo with our data, or the stock NavBlue data. It´s simple a missing feature in the sim-engine behind. Hope that helps and it´s understandable. When not, please don´t hesitate to ask again … but in this case, we can´t offer a workaround or any solution, excluding that you only add the STAR and tune the ILS frequency/course manually in the rad-nav page. That´s the only way what I see at the moment …


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