EPKT Runway numer problem

I have a problem with EPKT airport. Why after update I still have old runway numbers in X-Plane 11. 09 and 25. Should be 08 and 26. How do I fix this?

because the runways are part of the apt.dat file, which is the world-scenery file from X-Plane. This file will be updated by LM and can´t be updated from us. We also have the new runways in our database, and also the terminal procedures are all for the new runways

Here from the procedure file AIRAC 2213 which you have installed:

Again, this is not a navdata issue, please report this to LM.

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Can you tell me what should I do to change it? I am new to the topic. I understand what you are writing about. But how to improve it?

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you find the apt.dat file in your <your xp-root-folder>\Custom Scenery\Global Airports\Earth nav data. You can open this file with a any text-editor, like notepad++ or similar else.

  • Close X-Plane

  • make a backup of the apt.dat file

  • After that, look for following line:
    100 45.00 2 1 0.25 1 3 0 09 50.4760500 19.0595589 0 32 3 7 0 0 27 50.4759495 19.1046356 319 30 5 3 0 0

  • change the runway-idents from 09 → 08 and 27 → 26 (yellow marker)

  • Save it and start X-Plane again … and you should see this:

This is only a internal workaround on your own risk and please, report this issue with the wrong runway-idents to LM, that they can change it for the next release.

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I have it. It works, great. Thank you very much for help. Cool.

Excellent … glad it´s solved!

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