Entering LFSB in PMDG 737 FMC causes MSFS to freeze completely

Hi guys, I was planning a flight on the 737 BBJ and after exporting my flightplan from Simbrief as always I went to the FMC to load it so I entered LEPA as my departure and LFSB as my destination airport. As soon as I hit the ROUTE button to look at the flight plan MSFS 2020 freezes completely. I have never seen it with any other airport before. I tried replicating the issue, it happens everytime. I have the scenry of LFSB by FSDT. I have to kill MSFS 2020 via the Task Manager to restart it.
Can you check if Navigraph is causing some sort of issue with the waypoints into that airport?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Teo,
thanks for your report. I have tried to reproduce it but I can’t. The only difference is, that I haven’t used your 3rd party scenery.

Using the latest sim version 1.27, stock scenery and AIRAC 2210 - no freezing.

May I ask, if you can reproduce it without the FSDT scenery?


Hi Richard, tried removing the FSDT scenery and it doesn’t work either. It freezes the whole sim.
Very strange issue. Even without the scenery I enter that airport and everything freezes on the sim.


Thanks Teo for testing … Very strange. Does this happen only with the PMDG? I assume you have the latest PMDG version installed and also you don’t use the SU11 beta, right?

Hm, I have just test it again and no freezing here. Possible any other package which cause a conflict …

Very difficult to say because normally the PMDG data are independet of the sim and the logic in the sim.


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