EKVG – Vágar Airport Runway Overlap

:slight_smile: my fault - I have forgotten to forward the link, you find the answer here::slight_smile:

… and by the way, it not sooo simple :slightly_smiling_face:

… and yes, I have a plan but you can update the Paderborn scenery, that should solve anything :slight_smile:


Richard, I had a few files in the content manager that needed updated (mostly Japan) but Paderborn was there too. Downloaded the update, closed and restarted the Sim and EKVG loaded correctly with the single 12/30 runway with one set of markings and lights.

Do you still need the content file?

And why on earth does downloading an update for a German airport fix the Faroe Islands??? MSFS works in weird and mysterious ways!!

find thanks for the feedback … I´m honest, yes - if possible and if it´s ok for you, can you upload your content.xml file here. I only want a verification of my theory …
Thank you,

OK, I have one in my desktop but it won’t show up when I try and download a file from the PC. Do you have an email address, might be easier!

No problem - I have sent you a PM :wink:

Sent the file. It’s PRE Paderborn update. Let me know if you want a current one too.

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