EGSY Chart data and airport data in correct

good day to you, i recently update the Navdata for XP11 and have noted that St Athan airport is no longer under the ICAO EGSY ? instead its showing under EGDX ( this hasnt been used for some years now ) there is also no airport charts or the ILS for runway 25 ?

I fly here and will happily help as much as i can to get the data if you need it.

when i input the icao into avitab its says airport not found unless i use EGDX and that gives no charts what so ever ?

i know msfs has the ICAO incorrect for this field but XP11 has pretty much been EGSY since the Airport adopted it after sheffield closed.

Many thanks



All our Charts products (and FMS Data) show EGSY for St Athan.

Maybe post a screenshot showing where you are seeing EGDX using Guide to posting Screenshots

I can select EGSY (and not EGDX) as location in X-Plane 11. When I request a change X-Plane 11 suggests I am at EGDX. So it seems an X-Plane scenery issue.

I would report this via the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. I did see addon sceneries there EGSY (one referred to both EGSY and EGSK) , but one might be a solution for you.

I do see Avitab has an issue with EGSY, maybe because of X-Plane 11 . I suggest you raise that in their forum.