Stuttgart Airport EDDS

hello evryone,
i cannot find EDDS ,i am using edds from Justsim,but its not showing in the aivlasoft wich uses naviraph charts

sorry, we don,'t offer airports for Aivlasoft. This addon uses the sim scenery for such information. We provide the terminal procedures but no airport specific information (like taxiways, gates, runways, …).

Please contact the Aivlasoft support … and to be clarify, we don’t offer the charts for Aivlasoft. These are information which are rendered from the data, which we provide but thats not the real Jeppesen charts and a lot of information are missing.

Hope that helps

But i cannot find Stuttgart Airport.aivlasoft is using navigraph

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Not related to NG but you have rebuilt the database having installed the scenery?

Perhaps take the topic to the Aivlasoft forum

As I wrote, we don’t offer airports (no one!!) for Aivlasoft, so it’s not an issue from our side. As @srcooke wrote, please contact the Aivlasoft sevs or their forum.


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