EGPF ILS 23 entry/transition

Context: FSLabs A319, P3D v5.1 HF1, UK2000 EGPF

I flew into EGPF last night via the RIBEL 1G STAR and after LANAK, based on the two charts, I expected to transition onto the approach via the GOW VOR and then the extended hold out on 049 that turns back onto the ILS after 12 or so miles.

Instead, I got a discontinuity after LANAK with no MANUAL (I believe usually if the discontinuity at the end of a STAR is intentional you get the MANUAL before the discon) and then the approach picked up at a waypoint directly on the ILS, with a 2nd waypoint shortly after where you’d expect glideslope capture. There were no options for a via/transition available to have the FMS build the entry.

Is this an issue with the Navigraph FMS data, or with the FSLabs FMS? I was able to (roughly) build the approach manually but I feel somewhat sure that it should be an option to have that approach be built for me by the FMS.


There are no charted links/transitions between LANAK and GOW therefor it is not in AIRAC, you would follow ATC direction as published in the airport AIP:

  1. Approach Procedures with Radar Control

When Glasgow inbound traffic is being sequenced by Radar, the Approach Procedures will be flown under directions from the Approach Radar Controller and will consist of that part of the approach between the Terminal Holding Fix and the Final Approach Path. When Holding Procedures are not in use, radar sequencing may commence before the Terminal Holding Fix.

  1. Approach Procedures without Radar Control

When inbound traffic is not being sequenced by Radar, aircraft will be cleared from the Terminal Holding Facility via GOW VOR to carry out an Instrument Approach Procedure appropriate to the landing direction.

Thanks. I think I worded my post poorly. My question isn’t really about the lack of connection between LANAK and the GOW VOR – what you/the AIP say make sense. My question is more about the option to have the FMS build that entry via GOW – which is published on the chart, right?

The ILS23 Approach Transition via GOW covers it ?



Looks like you can’t select them with the RIBE1G STAR selected, which is what I was flying that prompted this question. In fact, I checked, and you can’t select those VIAs with any STAR selected, only if you go with no STAR.

In certain instances via legs will get deleted following the STAR in the Airbus.

If this should be happening in this instance is a question for real bus drivers and FSL, I guess MCDU software versions play a part also.

The documents I have suggest selecting no STAR in this instance, so re-select the approach when required.