Again on LDSP VAPUP star

Hi, sorry for reopening the topic, but I still have something not clear about how approach transitions are dealt with.
In the LDSP VAPUP 1Y star, LASUL transition, the transition is the holding over the last waypoint LASUL, reported in the AIRAC both for the Fenix A320 and Pro ATC.
If you have a look at the LAT 3P star for Rome LIRF rwy 16L approach, you see that over the last waypoint, CMP, there is a published holding like on LASUL. The difference is that, if I select LAT 3P with CMP transition, I don’t get any holding, either on the Fenix or on Pro ATC.
Why? Aren’t the 2 procedures similar, with a holding on the last waypoint of the star, considered as transition?
Thank you.

there is no real difference, right and both are nearly equal from the logic. The only thing is that LASUL not only the IAF, it is the IF for the approach too. So you don´t need any approach transition, because the STAR ends at LASUL (IAF) and the approach starts at LASUL (IF). So also no holding …

The LAT3P into LIRF has exactly the same logic. The STAR ends at CMP (IAF) but and thats here the difference, CMP isn´t the IF - it´s OXERU. So in other words, here you NEED an approach transition to connect the CMP with OXERU.

LASUL contains only one waypoint and this waypoint is not a connection waypoint and therefore coded as holding.

The holdings on the charts don´t mean you must fly it - it could also be, that these holdings are enroute-holdings or separation holdings in case of high traffic. The drawn holdings doesn´t mean that they are part of any terminal procedure (as in the LIRF example - here the holding are separation holdings) but could as in the LDSP example as an own approach transition).

Hope that helps,

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