EDDN ILS RWY 28 INUW missing data

Good morning,
if the A/C takes data from the airports.txt file (in GNS 430) there is no ils frequency für RWY 28



It is missed in every new AIRAC Cycle so I have to fix it myself again and again. Can´t it be fixed by navigraph?

Best regards

Hi Wolfgang,
first of all, we can´t check thousands for records so whenever something looks strange, we need the input from our customer. When you wrote: “I have to fix it myself again and again” why haven´t your reported this earlier?

To your “solution”, is only your solution but there are no general one. The reason is simple:
EDDN runway 28 has two different localizer frequencies - 109.10 and 111.75. The GNS430 doesn´t support multi loc-frequencies and now I have three possibilities:

  1. add 109.10 for the ILS28-Z
  2. add 111.75 for the LOC28-Y
    or 3. none, because there is no reference between the approaches and the runways in the GNS

We have decided to use #3 to be “open” for all. The solution is, to look on the chart and to insert the frequencies directly in the Garmin/FMC. Further, in the pre-approach phase, you should check the frequencies to be sure, that you use the right one …

Again, this is not a navdata issue - we had both frequencies in our database but that´s simple a limitation in the specific dataset. By the way, most of the addons have this limitation and in some we use only the primary frequency due the instructions of the addon devs.


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