EDDB missing waypoints on STAR ATG25R and others

On the screenshots you can see that there are a lot of missing waypoints on the STAR ATG25R into EDDB. I noticed it on a flight with the PMDG in MSFS and use Little Navmap just as a dataviewer here for the screenshots. Other STARs in EDDB are also missing waypoints.

the waypoints are not necessary for the normal procedure. But such waypoints are necessary for “directs or shortcuts” and therefore you see these waypoints on the charts. The waypoints are included in the data but they are nnot necessary for such procedures.

The coding is correct so far.


PS: here a reference to an equal question but on another airport Waypoints missing from RNAV arrival procedures (i.e. EDDK DEPOK1S) - #2 by NAVData

All clear! Thank you very much.

No problem - schönen Abend noch!

Lg Richard

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