EBAW ILS 29 incorrect coding?

Flew the IAP EBAW ILS 29 in the Xplane Hotstart Challenger 650. The coding appears to omit the procedure turn. The correct coding would be ANT outbound R094 (for CAT C) till D6.0, than right turn to IF and FAF course 289.
The Navigraph data omits the procedure turn and sends you ANT IF29 CF29 on course 109. This way you never end up on the LIC. Could this please be looked into?

possible an issue with the addon. I have looked into the X-Plane file now and here you see very clear the D094F waypoint:

So, I don´t see any coding issue here sorry.

PS: or a user error that you have forgotten to add the ANT2 transition

Thanks for the quick reply, user error - I did not see the two available transitions. Apologies

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