Cycle 2208 missing procedures for EIDW

I have searched around and couldn’t find this posted anywhere already. I recently updated to AIRAC cycle 2208 and have since had issues with procedures for EIDW. I had a flight plan exported from Navigraph Desktop (which includes any SIDs/STARs) and upon loading it from a GNS nav, X-Plane immediately displayed the error message “X-Plane could not open flight plan …” and then crashed when closing that window.

I reloaded X-Plane and tried to manually enter the flight plan, which succeeded until I selected procedures and X-Plane gave me the following message:

“Procedures could not be loaded:
Missing waypoint RW10L at EIDW
Missing runways should be reported to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. Click “Learn more” to go there and file an automated report.”

The runway is in Navigraph Charts. I cannot see if there are any other procedures for any other runways at this airport because it crashes immediately after selecting the procedures screen. This is true for all aircraft obviously. I did try and rollback to the previous AIRAC cycle to see if that resolved the issue but the feature just doesn’t seem to work in FMS Data Manager on OSX; I select “Restore” on my X-Plane installation and the window just flashes quickly and does nothing, same is true for selecting the version on the right hand side menu.

I am not using any custom scenery for EIDW.


Looks like X-Plane doesn’t have Runway 10L . As the message says you should report this to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. This is not a Navigraph data issue.

At that Gateway, I see a user written scenery for EIDW which might be worth considering.


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