I originally always chalked this up as a sim issue as I know there has been issue in the past but Asobo and all the other addons have fixed the issues they had with what i can see. Yet I still get the issue with CYOW and the CAPTL5 Approach.

According to this chart you if landing on RWY 07 with an ILS It should go right into a final on the course 071.

Here is the chart for the ILS RWY 07.

In the sim the game, regardless of plane, wants to nav you over the field to the OW VOR then loop you back around for the approach. I have attempted this but the sim fails and the AP disconnects. Just wanted to see what you guys think as this is not a problem in something like X-Plane or P3D and seems to be unique to MSFS2020

Hi Justin,
sorry but this is a sim limitation, because with the in-game aircrafts you can´t really select the ILS final only part, which is necessary in this case.

Just a few technical aspects to this:
The charts are right and the data are correct so far. Why? In the data, you can select the CAPTL5 STAR to runway 07. This STAR ends at VISOL (according the charts). But now, when you select the ILS07, you have 3 options (normally):

  1. fly via OW (OW transition)
  2. fly the approach via YOW (YOW transition)
  3. last but not least, fly it direct with no transition and that means from VISOL

#1 + #2 are the procedure turns what you see on the charts because both ends at AMOBI. From AMOBI you fly oposite the approach on 251 via a procedure turn to VISOL and from there the final approach part #3

That´s what we have in the data, what you see on the charts. Now the sim has it´s own confirmed logic (and please don´t ask me what logic - it´s a own logic from ASOBO and we haven´t found out any rules/patterns for this). Further, in most cases in the in-game aircrafts, you can´t de-select the approach-transition (by the way in the worldmap you have no possibility to set a approach-transition - it takes in most cases automatically the first one, which is in this case the OW transition). I guess, the same logic will be used in the in-game aircrafts and therefore you see the, indeed wrong flightpath.

What you mean as “fixed” by ASOBO is simple:
The stock data doesn´t have these two transitions (which are existing in real) - they have only the final part included which starts at VISOL and therefore it´s working.

What I can highly recommand is, to try the WorkingTitle CJ4. The guys don´t use the internal flightmanagement, they have developed their own and in this mod, the terminal procedures are working like expected - with the stock as with our data. The difference between the two data-provider is only the completeness - as you see with the missing transitions here in the NavBlue data.

… but anyway, the WT CJ4 is worth to try. It has a few more features included, what the in-game aircrafts don´t support - like missed-approaches, holdings, VNAV, charts integrations, … it´s really worth and it shows you the real quality of the data.

Hope that helps Justin and sorry when it was a little bit long. I hope it´s clear now - please don´t hesitate to contact us again, if you have any further question.