LEPA ESPO3L QW 787 Incorrect


I’ve noticed a difference in coding on the ESO3L SID from LEPA 06L between the Quality wings 787 data and the MSFS/X-Plane base navdata for the 2401 AIRAC.

X-Plane 12: D061H, PETAM, D324H, ESPOR
QW787: D061H, D021O, D010O, ESPOR

You can see that the QW 787 is the odd one out and as a results in the aircraft flying a different route to that charted.

the difference is the DME ARC and therefore the additional fictive points in the QW787. The QW787 doesn´t support DME ARCs and therefore we try to “add waypoints” to follow these DME ARCs. In this case the ARC is very small and possible the workaround doesn´t work correctly.

That´s the reason for the differences of the codings.

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard. Yes I see now that Arc to fix legs are not supported. The main issue here is that PETAM, the last fix of the arc is skipped meaning the leg to ESPOR has a quite different ground track to what it should be.

I understand it would be impossible to create a rule which fixes all scenarios.



Hi John,
I will check the code, possible that I can “align” something to be avoid the skipping waypoint. Thanks for the details, will let this topic open to inform you as soon as possible but please be patience a little bit :wink:


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