IAF on the FMS


  • XP11 latest version
  • Navigraph Subscription
  • Tested in 2 airplanes Thranda Kodiak (g1000) and FJS Q4XP
  • Scenario: EBAW - GILOM3c - BUN - VOR29 approach with ANT1 transition - EBAW
  • Also checked with EBBR VOR approach 7R

Findings: See screenshot

  • The IAF on chart is ANT (VOR)
  • The IAF on the FMS = D4.0 on the 91 radial from ANT
  • In the Q4XP the airplane turned away from ANT following the 91 radial what triggered me to investigate the issue


  • It can be me (not a pilot) misunderstanding the charts or something in the data that provides the wrong IAF to the FMS? Can someone provide some feedback?

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