Double Runway at FSIA

Hello, i have a double Runway at FSIA. Im using the newest Version of FSDT Seychelles … i have also the Problem with Airport from Designer CaelusArial.

When i deinstall Navigraph … i havent double runway … so it seems to be a problem with Navigraph.

Any Idea?

my content.xml has only 2 entrys…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> [Content.xml|attachment](upload://tIHff5vXpBzS1X7a9iPGRxayNeC.xml) (189 Bytes)

Hi Oliver,
you must re-order your packages via the MSFS In-Game Re-Ordering tool, but please don´t ask how - I haven´t found any help somewhere, sorry.


Yes, problem solved!

Set Priority of the Scenery to 3… so above navigraph… now it works corretly!

Thanks Oliver for sharing your solution - great stuff! Thank you very much!


how can i Set Priority of the Scenery to 3。。。。thanks

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