Documentation of programming STARs is not working

Hi there, you great devs of Navigraph :slight_smile:
I have a big issue with the way MSF is handling the programming of STARs in the FMC/CDU. This issue is not caused by Navigraph, but I was hoping it is something that you might be able to overcome (because of your superior skills)? :slight_smile:

Here is the video describing the issue:

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wow, very nice report. Excellent! I do the job now over 20 years, but I have never seen such a good and detailed report - what an effort! Much appreciated …

I guess, I can´t be answer in such detail as you made and I hope, that the answer doesn´t sound “to easy”. You describe a bug in the sim. As you have described, when you enter the STAR in the worldmap, you see the correct sequence and the correct path … but in the moment, where you change the approach from automatic to as an example to the ILS 01L, you will also see, that the path mess immediately.

I assume, ASOBO uses the same logic in the worldmap as for all other FMC/S and Garmins. Because as you also figured out, it´s independent which aircraft you use, or where you enter your flight (worldmap or directly in the aircrafts). My assumption (I can´t really verify it) is that the bug is the conjunction between the different parts of a STAR and the connection to the Approach. There are special rules and here I guess, there is somewhere a limitation in the sim at the moment (or a bug, I don´t know).

But all in all, it´s not a navdata issue - because you see, that one part (the STAR) is coded correctly, when you plan it in the worldmap. How this can be work see you with the “WorkingTitle CJ4 mod”. The devs don´t use the internal FMC function - they had developed it by their own and the result is as expected - here the RIPAM3L arrival with the ILS01L approach. At least the flightpath shows the correct way and the autopilot follows the legs perfect … worth to try …

But back to your issue:
Only ASOBO can fix this - the data seems to be ok (when I use the CJ4 as reference which uses the same data as in the worldmap, in the A320X, in the 787, G1000/3000 …).

Sorry, I hope this answer is detailed and understandable enough. When not, please hesitate to ask/contact us again please. In the meantime, thanks for this great report and your effort to create it.

Happy flying …

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Thank you for your very kind words, Richard! I am glad you found the report useful! I have had much success flying the CJ4 by Working Title. Their custom made FMC solves the issues described in my video for the most part. I have of course also sent the video to Asobo as a bug report, in hopes that they will finally fix this issue. We shall see! :slight_smile:

Hi again,
we have also report this to ASOBO yesterday with a very detailed report. As soon we have an answer, I will inform you here. Therefore, I let this topic open.

Thanks again


Hi Richard, You still haven’t heard back from Asobo regarding this?

Oh, thanks Andreas for this reminder … sorry …

Yes, we had received an answer - it´s a confirmed limitation. Asobo knows this and as they told us, that´s currently their logic in the flightmanagement. Means, all in-game aircrafts or the WorldMap use these flightmanagement in the background. So, they are aware of it but that has nothing todo with the data-provider in the background, it´s independently of the data provider - it´s their current logic.

We have opened a new category called “Known issues”, where we post all known sim limitations/issues, which can´t be fixed by us and also which is data independent.

Here the posting about the STAR/Approach logic on another example:

Sorry for this not so good news, but I´m pretty sure, ASOBO will fix this in the future, they are aware of it …


PS: I close this now - I hope it´s ok for you :wink: … but we can´t do more at the moment.

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Thanks for taking the time to write that, Richard. I will await Asobos next step on this then, but not holding my breath. In the meantime, things like WorkingTitle Cj4 and Aerosoft CRJ have custom nav logic which will take advantage of whichever nav database we have installed, including navigraph.

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Absolutely correct Andreas … and the sim is new, it takes time and we should give them the time … all, not only ASOBO, also the addon-developer :wink:

Cheers & thanks again for your report (and of course the reminder :-))

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