No NAV Data MSFS2020

Once updating the AIRAC cycle to 2208 I haven’t been able to fly all month.
I’ve tried deleting content.xml and doing a lot of fixes for this with no change. Once I update the navigraph data to 2208, there is no SIDS or STARS on the world map, nor any high altitude or low altitude waypoints
Once I load into the PMDG 737 there is no navigraph data within the FMC either. For instance I fly in japan so I typed ROAH in origin airport only for it not to be recognized.
My map only shows airports, everything else is completely blank. Doesn’t appear to be an issue with scenery files at all it actually seems to be a navigraph issue installing into my sim. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2208 and it’s sub components and deleted the content.xml over 5 times to try and fix everything myself but to no avail. My last flight was on August 1st when I took the Fenix A320 from Ishigaki to Fukuoka. I went on leave and was away for a week and came back. No one touched my computer at all so it couldn’t be that either. But I load up MSFS 2020 again and no NAV data once I update to 2208. I don’t understand what’s happening but I just need help with this.

two things - the PMDG navdata has nothing todo with the MSFS navdata. These are two independent datasets, so when you have an issue on both, it looks normally more an issue in your MSFS installation.

Anyway, please confirm that you are NOT using SU10 beta, we are speaking from the current, effective sim version - right?

When yes, please upload your content.xml file here, that I can check it.

Thank you,

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