Wrong STAR in EDDK

The STAR GULK1S in Navigraph is not the same as in a32nx mod.

Hi …
that´s a gneral issue in the sim, sorry - has nothing todo with the navdata.

Try to load the GULK1S star in the worldmap and let the approach to “automatic” - you will see that the star is coded correctly:

… and then add the ILS 14L to this, and you will see, that all star waypoints will be removed through the magic ASOBO hand and the path will be cuted for the approach.

We know, what happened in the background but we can´t fix it - this part is only up in the hands of ASOBO. Sorry, but this can happen everywhere, this is not only a EDDK nor only a STAR issue in the sim.


THX so i wait for ASOBO :sunglasses:

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Just so you know, the new version of the Working Title CJ-4, version 0.8.1 will fly this (or any other) STAR/Approach combination correctly, because they have coded their own FMS system that does not use the default MSFS flight planner. Transitions work the way they are supposed to, and you do not have waypoints “disappear”.

A custom FMS is also planned for the FBW A320 mod, and once that is released, that aircraft will probably also fly these procedures as published without the routing changing or waypoints being deleted.

Any aircraft that uses the default Asobo navigation system will, unfortunately, have these kinds of problems at the moment. There is a major sim update coming Tuesday Dec 22, (sim update 2), but I don’t think Asobo has plans to make changes in the default flight planning and navigation systems until sim update 3, which is still a few weeks away.

THX for the information :+1:

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