DME missing for ENML ILS X RWY 07

I have moved from FSX:SE/ProSimB738 v2 to P3D v5.3/ProSimB738 v3, all with newest version/HotFix.
I live in Molde city (Norway), and ENML (Molde Airport) is my home base. When moving from FSX:SE to P3D, I lost airport information and DME in the Primary Flight Display, when using runway 07. I’m a frequent user of ENML, ENGM, ENVE, ENAL, and ENTO, and the lack of information only occurs in Molde, and runway 07. Runway 25 at Molde works fine.

Attached pdf shows screen shoots of the Primary Flight Display, using RWY 07 and 25.

Could anybody please tell me what to do to get the missing information back? Thanks! :blush:
Best regards, Espen
DME-missing.pdf (133.1 KB)

Hi Espen,
first of all welcome here in our forum …

I´m honest, I have no knowledge with the ProSim addon so, please excuse when I´m wrong …

But what I have done/checked now:

  • I have checked if both DMEs are included in the P3Dv5 version … they are
  • I have checked it both DMEs are included in the ProSim Database … they are

So, it should work … but you wrote you have changed your sim from FSX to P3D … I can remember from other postings here, that you must do some scenery-reorganisation or similar else (I don´t know exactly) that the ProSim database recognize the new sim and or the new sceneries.

Possible that is the missing link here … otherwise, I would try to contact the ProSim guys sorry. Again, the data are included in the ProSim database and also in the P3Dv5 sim. So, from the technical point - it should work … sorry, that I can´t help you more here, but as I wrote, my ProSim knowledge is very limited (only what I learn from you, from our customer).

Would be great, when you report any result back, when you have fixed it and/or also when not :slight_smile:

Thank you very much,

Hi Richard, and thanks for your quick and thorough reply. Appreciate it. I will send the case to ProSim Support, and keep you informed. Thanks for the help. Sincerely, Espen

Hi, for your information:

  • I got DME for Molde using NAV input 109.7 (not 109.75), and an error message on the FMC: RW/APP TUNE DISAGREE.

  • ProSim Support asked me to update P3D navdata: I have not updated yet, but guess it will do the trick.

Best regards, Espen

Hi Espen,
thank you very much for your feedback and sharing a possible solution. The learning curve will never end it seems :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure, that this updates from Herve will fix your issue. It’s logical but as I wrote before, my knowledge is limited for ProSim but I have just learned a new solution for such issues

Thanks again Espen for your understandig, your effort and for sharing the answer from ProSim.

Much appreciated

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