No DME on 111.8 BHR

I am not getting DME on 111.8 BHR ( VOR/DME) on all my aircraft

which sim do you use?


Hello Richard
P3D v5 on PMDG 777

Hi Yaqoob,
thanks for the additional info - it´s the frequency, which is outdated in P3Dv5. In P3Dv5 you have the old one 115.30, but the new one is 111.80 which you use in the PMDG.

So as in real-world, when the ground frequency is not correct, the aircraft can´t receive anything even when the data are up to date. The same is here - the “ground” facility here is the “sim” facility, which sends on 115.30 but the aircraft expect the current one 111.80 and therefore the aircraft can´t receive the “sim” facility. When you set the frequency manually to 115.30 you will see, that the signal can be received any you have a DME.

We don´t update the core “sim” facilities and therefore the difference but as an alternative, I can highly recommend Herv´s webpage. He offers a free service for updating some core “sim” facilities. For P3Dv5 you must contact him directly but I´m pretty sure, he can solve your issue.

Here the webpage:

Hope that helps,

Thank you Richard for the in-depth explanation.
That makes me surprised why it is working fine on the other two sims (X-Plane & Microsoft)
I will visit the given website and see what I can do.
Once again thank for your help
Best regards,

Good question Yaqoob - the reason is simple:
In both other sims, we update the in-game stock data (XP11/12 and MSFS) but not for FSX or P3D - therefore you don´t see here any issue between the sim and the FMC/S.

Let me know, when I can do more for you and please don´t hesitate to contact us again, whenever you have a question :wink:

Have a nice evening,

Hello Richard,
the issue is solved thanks to Herve help and guidance, now all the Nav Aids that i know off are fine. Credit to both of you .
Best Regards,

Thanks Yaqoob for your feedback … much appreciated.

Have a nice day,

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