[P3D] Missing airport in ProSim737 DB

Hi dear support team.
I have an issue with latest version of AIRAC for ProSim737 (The old one, before PS v2.24) there is no URKG (Gelendzhik, Russia) airport in date base

does this airport exist in P3D?

For sure. Payware scenery by DMD Developers. Also I can add that in version for 2.24 and above URKG exist

I have checked the ProSim db and URKG is included - so it must be any other issue here. We don´t have the ProSim for testing, so please ask this in the ProSim forum.

Here the airport-entry in the current ProSim AIRAC 2102:

and here the runway-information for that airport:

… and last a first part of terminal procedure for URKG:

So you see, the airport is included in the AIRAC dataset for ProSim. It must be any other reason then a navdata issue. Sorry - please contact the ProSim developer. They have more knowledge as we have with their products. Thank you very much


Yeah, I think it can be because in P3D navdata not updated and maybe URKG not in airport list. I will try to update it and check again. Thank you for you help!!

Yes, that´s exactly what I have assumed, that this airport is not a stock airport in P3D and therefore you can´t select it in the ProSim (looks like that ProSim has a cross-check between the database and the sim airports).

Thank you,

Yes, their database system not perfect, so, we have a solution. And that’s good :grin:

Thank you

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