FHH VOR DME (Frankfurt Hahn) not in database PMDG 747 P3D5

Hello staff, i have a question , flew in EDFH ils 21 today with seperate DME FHH, it was not in the database. Is this a scenery problem or a navigraph problem? Do i also have to update the navaids via FSAerodata if i have navigraph description or is FSAerodata obsolete and only for default airports? Thanks for feedback, sincerely jürgen

no, we don’t offer any P3D sim updates as we do this for MSFS. FSAerodata has discontinued his service, but there is a highly recommended webpage (at least for the navaids) from Herve Sors. He supports me also with data and information from time to time. He has also an excellent knowledge about the sim structure.

Its worth to contact him and to ask him, if he can something do for your issue:

Hope he can help you

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Just to confirm that the FHH DME does exist in P3Dv5 when updated with Herve’s product.

Note that for v5 updates these are on request by email published on the homepage of his website.

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