Desktop App Slow to Respond

I’ve been using the desktop Windows App for many years with no problems, but the last couple of flights I have done the charts app has been very slow to change charts, either when using the stored ones at the bottom of the page or the charts list to the left. Minimising the window and then maximises it sometimes works, but often there is a 5 second or more delay in changing the displayed chart, and sometimes longer. Is there anything that has changed recently, or anything I could do to solve this?

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I can’t reproduce this. Charts load instantly or with less than a second delay.

Could you try on a different network, e.g. switching to mobile broadband? Perhaps there is some latency on your network or at your ISP causing this.



Thanks Stephen,
It works perfectly when used on it’s own, but it seems to lag while I’m actually flying using MSFS
I wouldn’t imagine it’s ISP related as I have a 300mbps connection and everything else seems fine.
I’ll see if it replicates the issue next time I’m flying.

It seemed perfect again today. Maybe a transient problem- I’ll keep an eye on it but hopefully won’t happen again.