Departute from airport with has no SID

When I create a flight plan with no SID the first leg appears as a dotted line, which I am unable to change to solid line. This flight plan will not open in MSFS after I have exported it and then selected in the MSFS load menu.
I am assuming this is caused by the dotted line, is this correct ?. If so how do I fix it.
The airport was EGTE RWY 26



No, having no assigned SID shouldn’t cause a problem loading a plan exported from Charts. I just created and saved a flight EGTE-EGLL without SID and it loaded fine:

Make sure you save exported plan with .pln extension


Many thanks for quick reply.
Would you have a look at the routeEGTELOWI.pln (10.4 KB) attached, I must be doing something else wrong - though I have not had problems with any other routes I generated

Curiouser and curiouser.
I have just created the route EGTE-EGLL identical to yours, then exported to MSFS as .pln.
When I try to open in MSFS it will not load. I even tried reloading the navigraph cycle to see if that would help but no change.
Any suggestions ?.