Flight planning problems with airports having no Sids and no stars

Hello, I am experiencing flight planning issues with airports (departing or destination) which have no Sids and or no stars…

When flying from or to one of these airports simbrief juts draws a straight line between the airports. I understand that no Sids or no stars are shown if they do no exist but it should not be a reason to have straight lines between these airports.

As an illustration of the problem try it with LRTC airport…

Which is strange is that for ex departing from LRTC with some destination airports it is ok and with others I have the straight line…

Wanted to report this as it seems to be a bug…

Oh and last thing before you ask… I am using the lastest Airac in simbrief, Navigraph and in my sim (MSFS2020).

Thank you for your help

Hello! No one here to comment on my post? Thanks

This can happen if SimBrief doesn’t have a route in the database between the airports you entered.

When this happens, you can normally get a route by opening the “Route Finder” box and clicking “Find Route”.

Best regards,

Thank you for your reply! Will try this!

And note that it happens very remotely. I just wanted to point it out in case it can be a bug.

Navigraph + simbrief rock!

I have the same problem on eg EGTK to LERS. And the Find Route button also fails with a timeout.

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