Data is not updating in KLN 900

The data is not updating in my KLN 900. I have the latest FMS Data Manager and latest X-Plane 11 (11.52), I’ve downloaded all the 2102 cycle. When I start the GPS on the ground (fliteadvantage T6a) I go to setup 0, I hit ent to update, I see the process of 0 to 100% and restart the KLN and it still shows the old date.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Remy,


I don’t have the fliteadvantage T6a to test. The date data in the KLN 90B 2102 AIRAC update seem to be correct. Has it worked for you before with a previous AIRAC ? Maybe the fliteadvantage T6a is not interpreting the date data correctly. We did have a date issue with another addon, which was corrected with a new addon version.

You might try asking in fliteadvantage T6a forum?


I’ve got the KLN 90B data in place. I have 2102 AIRAC downloaded. The T6A is meant to be working according to other users of the same plane. I’m talking with Fliteadvantage also.

Also since I’ve posted, I’ve reinstalled Xplane 11 and the 2102 cycle is still not being uploaded in the KLN.