FliteAdvantage T-6A in X-Plane KLN900 problem

I downloaded xplane11_native_2106 and put the data in it where guys on X-Plane’s forum said to (X-Plane\Custom Data, and did the same with xplane11_customdata_native-2106. Maybe that’s fine…

BUT I got FliteAdvantage’s T-6A, and the KLN900 FMS says “NO DATA”. FliteAdvangage only said to get the Navigraph data. The FMS Data Manager doesn’t show anything but X-Plane11. How can I hook up the KLN900 in X-Plane with Navigraph data?

Never Mind. I read further in the X-Plane forum that the file for the KLN00 DOES NOT go in the base X-Plane folder, but rather as a sub-folder of X-Plane\Custom Data!

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