I have the updated AIRAC, but xp11 won’t show updated navaids/procedures


I have the updated AIRAC, but xp11 won’t show updated navaids/procedures. I have downloaded the KLN90B and the default Xplane 430. The following pictures will show the status on the FMS Manager and the outdated procedures, as well as the AIRAC date on the KLN.

Thank you for your time.



I don’t have the KLN 90B installed. The default manual mapping for the latest FMS Data Manager is to …X-Plane 11\KLN 90B

This is different to yours, but maybe you have installed the KLN differently to what the manual suggests. Please check as this would mean the Navigational Data would not be updated.


Thank you for the response Ian!

When I installed, the “read me” file tells me to install direct to the Aircraft folder. So then I installed the KLN db direct from the Navigraph website and added to the Custom Data and seems to work, but there is still lots of rnav in Canada missing.
Also the standard 430 is not showed any sign of update and I added it to the custom data too.


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