Fenix A320 LOC Offset CYYZ AND CYUL

Need help with this. I had this aircraft parked for about a month, decided to take it out of the hangar today. I noticed as i was on the ILS 06R approach into CYUL, the LOC was offset to the left of the runway. I decided to give it a go at CYYZ, again landing 06R i found the LOC was offset to the left. I hopped into the PMDG 737, found the ILS was flown perfectly. I did have a NavData center update today, wondering if this is bugged… i had reinstalled the Fenix A320 aircraft, as well as reinstalled the NavData center. Cannot seem to figure this out. Looking for any assistance.

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There’s definitely an issue with the navdata for both airports (CYUL &CYYZ) with the Fenix A320 in 2312. All runways are offset. Please investigate

I did some testing lastnight, the opposite runway worked fine. Its just the 06 runways at both airports. Flytampa CYYZ and MK Studio CYUL. I was advised by Fenix this morning to remove both airports and do a landing with the default scenery, as they believe its related to the scenery. I will update later. I will also note, i tried other airports with the same runway heading, wasnt able to duplicate the problem. It seems to be Toronto and Montreal related.

Update to this post 2023-12-04 2300z

I was advised by Fenix to remove the 3rd party scenery and try the approaches again. The problem still occurs. I would assume its either a fenix or navdata issue with these 2 airports. Not sure why Navigraph has not responded to this as of yet. Hopefully this will be looked into. I cant imagine the problem lies only with Toronto and Montreal.

guys, I will check it during the day but I don´t any 3rd party sceneries installed, so I can do my check only against the default stock sceneries. I believe it´s really a scenery issue but I will check every coordinates from the AIRAC data in MSFS and also from the Fenix. Further, I will do some tests with other a/c to see if this more a MSFS data issue or a Fenix issue.

I will keep you updated here … please be patience …

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Please also Check for LSGG for ILS 22 and ILS 04. I’ve the same thing with the Fenix since the last Airacs cycle update.

Thanks in advance.

Will do, of course … Thanks!


Just to update you with this, i removed the 3rd party scenery and tried the approaches. Problem still there. Also, I tried the approaches in all pmdg 737 aircrafts, the 787, 747, E170/175, CRJ fleet and had no issues

Thank you very much for the update and your effort on this. I’m just checking the Fenix database because the MSFS data from us looking gpod and correct.

Follow up, when I’m finishrd - sorry guys I do my best to find the issue.


Hi gents,
just an update - I have compared 2311 with 2312 now and the only thing what we have changed between these two cycles are that we have used the true runway headings directly from the source, instead of calc it via our methods. That means it’s not so exact as in 2311. Again, I speak from the runway headings …

I have also checked the localizer antenna positions and also the loc heading, but these values are exact the same as in all previous cycles. I haved checked all examples here, every airport the same. No change between this cycle and the previous cycles.

So, what happend now:
I will now change the runway true heading back to the exact values, in the hope that solves the issues. But I’m still not sure, because I don’t know which values Fenix uses for what but fact is, that this is the only change between this cycle and all previous ones.

Last, I have checked also the MSFS data and here, there is really all equal to the previous cycles. Also with the tests from @lonny068 … i would exclude that this dataset is the issue.


Thanks for the follow up. I will try the approaches once the changes have been made and report back. Thanks for everything.

So after scratching my head around this, i am also expencing this issue at many airports now. I decided to go to youtube and see if anyone posted any videos in the Fenix using the ILS, and everyone who posted a video within the past 24 hours has the same issue with the LOC being offset. Fenix asked me for a video which they confirm there is an issue, and was escalated to their development team. I think its safe to say its a Fenix problem, more then a Navdata problem considering it cant be duplicated in another aircraft. Hopefully this is a quick fix, as this is one of my favorite aircrafts to fly.

Thank you very, very much @lonny068 for your updates and your efforts here to help to fix this.

I will let it as it is for the moment because I can’t really believe that this small change is the bug. Again, I don’t see any changes between the current dataset and the previous ones.

Hopefully Fenix can help, but I’m pretty sure they will. We have a very good relationship to the guys there, so they will contacting us, if something is wrong on our side.

Thanks again

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