Custom terminal waypoints and procedures

I have started to created my own custom airports (for my personal enjoyment - not published in the store). The custom terminal waypoints and procedures that are coded in the airport XML file do not appear in the simulator unless the navigraph navdata is uninstalled.

Is there any way to get both custom procedures/waypoints and navigraph to work simultaneously?

What mechanism is navigraph using to overwrite the existing database? I assume this is using the DeleteNavigation?

Also similar issue with the Fenix A320’s navigation database.

Any advice on this wouid be much appreciated.


Update: I have think I have found the solution which is to use the Scenery Package Order tool in the msfs SDK. Tools → Scenery Package Order and then re-ordered it to the highest priority (which is at the bottom).

I will leave this post up just in case this is useful to anyone else.

I would still be interested in knowing if there is a way to modify the Fenix A320 DB for these custom airports/procedures/waypoints to work with the existing navigraph db.


Hi Luke,
you should set your own scenery on the bottom after all our packages then it should work but I guess, you have figured it out by your own. Well done.

The Fenix data can´t and may not be changed with custom details, sorry.


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