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Ciao, I wanted to ask you for information:
I edited an existing airport in MSFS, a LITW airfield in ITALY, inserting the relative mod, generated by the SDK, to this airfield in the directori community, I added waypoints, RNAV procedures that are non-existent in real life. If I don’t put the “navigraph-navdata” mod in the community I see my waypoints and my procedures, if I insert the “navigraph-navdata” mod in the community I don’t see any more.
In my general xml file I have set everything to TRUE in the deleteAirport entries (arrivals, departures, approach, etc … all to TRUE)
What can I do to leave the “navigraph-navdata” mod in the community and not reset my navdata?
Is it possible or is the “navigraph-navdata” mod always prevalent over everything edited by third parties?
Thank you in advance

Hi Paolo,
are you able to send me your addon-scenery? I will send you a PM …
In general - you´re scenery should be somewhere BELOW our package. So, I would try:

  1. add your scenery in the community folder and start your sim
  2. close your sim again and start the Navigraph Navdata Center
  3. remove the cycle and re-install it immediately
  4. start the sim and try it again

That works normally in 99% - but there are exceptions, and to find it out, I can only test your scenery. But try the steps above first :wink:


Ohhh, grazie mille, thanks thanks

Hi Richard, I have tried your instructions and everything works great i.e .:
the mod “navigaraph-navdata” is present in the community
my airfield mod is present in the community
my waypoints, approaches etc … are present and work on all aircraft.
Thanks again


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Grazie Paolo, benissimo! Buona serata, goditi il tempo libero. :wink:

Grazie a te ancora, GRANDE RICHARD
Buona serata e Ferragosto

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