CTD when clicking on any plane in the World Map

This could be related to the Navigraph Navdata Center.

With the latest World Update (NZ) and Cycle 2302, I am now getting a CTD every time I click on a plane on the world map. When I uninstall the ‘Simulator Base Packages’ and ‘Add-On Packages’, I no longer get CTDs clicking on other planes on the world map.

Is this happening to anyone else?
Thank you

thanks for the report but I’m sorry, I can’t really reproduce it. It seems there is any other issue on your system, possible in combination with the navdata update. Sorry.


Thank you for your reply.

Since this latest update I am getting this issue, as well as the North Pole issue (where a loaded .pln file creates a way point in the North Pole).

A colleague of mine has the exact same CTD issue when clicking on another plane on the world map. As soon as I remove Navigraph, I don’t get any CTDs. I am not confident that it is something else in my community folder.

After further testing it appears that the CTD only happens when I click on someone on the map who also has navigraph. If they don’t have navigraph, I don’t CTD. I tested this with a several friends who were online at the same time as me.

I hope this helps and I’m interested to see if this is reproducible by anyone else.

Thank you

Sorry, tried it again. I can click whereever and whatever I want on the WorldMap, also switching the aircrafts → no CTD.

Also, there are no other posts here to this issue. In the north pole issue post you see, that there are no CTD too. Sorry


I can also confirm the same. I’d I click on a player on the world map with navigraph installed, I get a CTD. Without navigraph installed, the CTD goes away….

Yep, I believe you but I can´t reproduce it, sorry …

Here a CTD report without our data:

I can only look on it, when I can reproduce it but I can´t, sorry …


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