MSFS CTD when using navigraph in game panel or navigraph g1000 add on

I7, RTX 3080, 32gb ram.
Latest navigraph update.
Running PMDG, Blacksquare kingair, Fenix.

I have been having the problem of CTD when changing views at random times during flight. The CTD doesn’t happen every time I change views from inside to outside but if I change views enough it will crash eventually.

As a last resort after I deleted all game overlays, unnecessary software, removing overclocks, I emptied my community folder and started adding things one by one. When I add the navigraph in game panel and/or the navigraph g1000 add on the game begins to CTD again.

Is this a known issue?

Could uninstalling navigraph and reinstalling fix this issue?

Hi! Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the forum!

This is not a known issue, and frankly, I do not see how it is possible :sweat_smile:

Our plugin is only ever loaded into the simulator if the loaded aircraft explicitly does so using a plugin system, something that is missing in all of the aircraft that you have mentioned.
This means that our code never runs in the scenario that you describe.

It is of course damning that it started crashing after you added our things, but I am almost positive that this is a coincidence! Does the sim crash if you have only the Fenix and our panel installed? What is the minimum reproducible example that you have?

The plugin and the panel have nothing in common either, so it is weird that they would both cause issues :thinking:

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Kind Regards,

I understand what you’re saying. It is very strange. As I said emptying my community folder was a last resort in fault finding for a CTD I could bring on every time, I will endeavour to do some more testing. At present I haven’t put all folders back into my community folder so will play around more. But I was able to get it to crash with the in game panel folder in there and the g1000 folder in there. Where as now with only the pmdg, black square and navigraph data folders I cannot get it to crash even after 2 hours of stress testing it. Where as before I could get it to crash within 10 minutes without fail.

I’ll report back.

Sounds good!

I just took the TBM 850 and PMDG 738 out for 30 min trips each without being able to reproduce the issue. I have all our plugins and the panel installed :thinking:

Does this mean that you needed both to be in there for a crash to happen? Or is one of them enough?

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