CTD during IFR flightplan creation from EDDP 2 ENSB

Hello. I have a problem with the airport ENSB. This airport is missing in MSFS. After installing the navigraph data, many new airports exist, for example ENSB. That’s very nice! But: With some other airport-mods you can not create IFR flight plans to ENSB. For example: [EDDP] Leipzig-Halle Airport Enhancement • Flight Simulator 2020
If I am only using navigraph-navdata and the EDDP-mod in my community-folder: The sim crashes in the world map after creating an IFR flight plan from EDDP to ENSB in the world map. Every other plan from EDDP to other airports works correctly. Can you help? It seems to be an issue with the ENSB data import from navigraph, isn’t it? Thanks!

Addition: Also IFR planning to other navigraph-specific airports is affected: BGNO a.s.o.

Hi Torsten,
have you tried it without the EDDP scenery? Does the sim crashes also?

What I would try are these steps from our FAQ:

It could be possible that there is any mess in your scenery file which results in this CTD. Also, there are a lot of posting in the MS forum about the BingMaps images which cause also an CTD with addon sceneries (freeware and payware).

Therefore, try the same without the EDDP scenery first.


Hi again Torsten,
tested now (without the EDDP scenery) - no CTD:

So, it looks like something is wrong in the scenery or a mess in your scenery-file, but it works as you see

Hi Richard, thanks for the effort. I also tried your advice with a new install of navigraph-data after cleaning content.xml. But unfortunately the result is the same. Do you have any advice for the developer of the EDDP mod? I am in contact with him and he can not find any mistake. His mod is useable in any case except IFR flightplans to the new “navigraph-airports” :-/

Hi Torsten … you have a PM! We should try to find a solution with the scenery-designer … you´re right, and I confirm. EDDP (with this scenery) to ENSB crashed, without no problem or from any other airport to ENSB.


Hi Torsten,
I have fixed an small issue in our data, which was the reason of this CTD … I have uploaded AIRAC 2102 revision 3 now, which includes these fix. Also, I have changed the release notes.

Thank you very much for this report and also for the contact to Tim, the scenery developer!
Have a nice weekend,

Thank you very much.
I have tested the new update successfully without CTD.
Best regards,

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