Loading flight plan with Navigraph data causes sim CTD


While testing the attached flight plan, in conjunction with the GNS530 mod, it causes a crash but only if the Navigraph data is installed. The mod allows a named file to be loaded from disk.

Fpl5.PLN (5.3 KB)

It looks like the offending waypoints are STEEL, MAIKO, and TIGER.

If you remove them it loads. If you add them to the plan manually using the 530, it works. If you remove the Navigraph data entirely, and just use MSFS data, it loads.

Hi Howard,
from where are these flightplan? From which tool is this flightplan exported? Are this tool using also Navigraph data?

Thank you,

Hi again Howard,
additional to my question, I have checked the flightplan and I can´t reproduce a CTD.

Here, I have loaded your FP directly in the sim on the worldmap - no CTD:

Same, when I load the FP in the FBW A320 mod (stable version) - no CTD:

… and the same, with the default G1000 - no CTD:

So, I guess, it´s more a mod issue rather than a navdata issue. Have you tried to enter the flightplan manually in the G3000 mod? When no, worth to try it … but all in all, I can´t see any issue in the data and I can´t really reproduce it, sorry.


Hi Richard,

Sorry, just got in to work, and haven’t had a chance to reply.

  1. The flight plan is from another MSFS user.
  2. Exported from LittleNavMap, both by manual entry of the route plan, and picking navaids etc. from the LNM database
  3. Yes, AIRAC cycle 2101.


The plan fails to load into the GNS530 when using a mod, linked in the OP, that allows the 530 to pull a .pln file in from local disk, but only if Navigraph data is also installed.

It works from the map screen, as you have shown, and it works if Navigraph is not loaded. But if Navigraph data is present, then it causes a hard lock, and crash. I have narrowed it down to the last three waypoints.

If I remove those three waypoints, it will load in all configurations. Scanning the LNM database of waypoints, it appears that waypoints with duplicate names, from different regions, may be the reason.

For example, the following waypoint, in the RJ region, when added will also cause a crash:


So yes, its mod specific problem, as its the only mod that I believe can pull the plan into the 530 from outside the sim, but it only fails if I have Navigraph Beta data present.

If I add them in manually, it works i.e. actually use the 530 to input them, even with Navigraph data present.

Link to original discussion:

Issue will be resolved. It looked like it was not an issue with an earlier cycle, 2011 rev. 7, but is in 2101.

Fixed in next release.
The bug was occurring for any waypoints linked to a specific airport. For example, STEEL is an intersection waypoint but is linked to the RJBE airport. If this information is not sent to the sim, it hangs because the ICAO waypoint is different than the one in the database (at least the last Navigraph database airac cycle).
I was missing sending the linked airport as part of the ICAO.

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