Hi, I’ve had two CTDs when establishing on the ILS for third-party freeware sceneries. The sceneries were the ones available for SBGR and MYNN. I have asked for support from the scenery developers and they said it was an issue with the Navdata.


oh what an easy answer, great support …

To verify it, if the navdata are really the issue, you should do two additional test-flights:

  1. remove the addon sceneries and try it again with our navdata
  2. remove our navdata (so you use the stock data) and try the flights with the addon sceneries

On one of the two scenarios should be result in a CTD - if in both, than you have any other problem on your system. When in #1 only it´s a navdata issue, when in #2 only it´s a scenery addon issue.

Also, it is not unimportant which aircraft you were using, and if you´re using any addon-linker programs or similar else. Or, if your scenery-file is a mess, or, or, or … you see, it´s to simple to say only , it´s a navdata issue.

Which freeware sceneries do you use, that I can also try to reproduce it … Which aircraft, which flightplan, which ILS …

Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I agree it was a very bad response by the scenery devs to the issue.

I have already tried it without the scenery and Navdata beta without any issues.

Happened with the 787 and A330 by PMP with FBW compatibility. I use addonlinker for Aircraft and Sceneries but not for NavData since I use it every flights :slight_smile:

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You´re welcome and thank you for your effort for testing this … we are also not perfect and we are also make mistakes from time to time, so nobody is perfect but I also guess, this is not really a navdata issue.

Thanks for the both links - let me check the sceneries and let me check if I can reproduce it - possible I find out why. Will keep you informed here - will not close this topic till I have tested this …

Please give me a little bit of time - will come back :wink:
Thank you and again thanks for testing …

Thanks. Happened when establishing ILS. Good luck.

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